Often we pay a very high price for ignorance. 75% of the dental treatment required to be done is because of ignorance of patient to the initial discomfort they experience related to their own teeth.

As we all know caries does not happen in one day. However, if proper oral hygiene is not maintained and a good oral care is not done one is bound to get infected with caries over a period of time. And usually it does not pain during intial phase of decay but only when it reaches deep inside the tooth very near to the vital part of it that we start experiencing sudden pain. And hence most often the patient is surprised to see that the caries has reached to such an extent.

Now, if this pain and discomfort is further neglected the tooth with gradually breakdown and ultimately patient will loose a once fully functional tooth just because of the negligence. So, plan your dental visit soon and get urself scanned for any caries in the teeth.

“Save what is vital” “Save when it still can be”.

Restoration – is a basic procedure where caries/decay is completely removed and stopped from further progression and the lost tooth structure is built again to its original shape.

Advantages of early caries detection –
1. Further spread of decay is stopped
2. Tooth vitality is saved
3. Cost of negligence is much higher so cost of restoration is less.

Pain during restorative procedure?

Mostly it doesn’t pain during this procedure. However, patient might feel a bit of discomfort or sensitivity which can be taken care of by giving local anesthesia.

Material used for filling :- Dentistry has come a long way, now a days tooth colored composite resin cements are being used for direct restorations. But it best for your dentist to decide the best material of choice for you depending on the extent of caries and tooth destruction.

Also indirect filling materials are there is case of higher tooth destruction. In this the part of t\damaged tooth is fabricated outside the mouth and is then cemented to the tooth. These are mostly composite resins or ceramic inlays or onlays or overlays.