Root Canal Treatment

So many myths are present regarding this basic treatment procedure of Root Canal. Patient usually comes to the clinic with fear in their minds regarding the root canal treatment procedure and this is mostly due to their or some of their nearer person past experience. Or simply the information they gather from society or the internet. So, let me clear some basic facts regarding this basic treatment option.

1. What is Root Canal treatment?

It is complex procedure which involves the removal of infected tissues present inside the tooth (crown and root) so that the tooth is disinfected completely from inside and all the infection present inside the tooth and supporting structure is removed. Once tooth is disinfected it is again filled with a high quality filling material which are completely biocompatible i.e safe for our body. And hence the chance of future reinfection is minimized. “ In short the concerned painfull infected tooth is saved”.

2. How many Visits?

See with all the recent advancements and specialization available in this field of dentistry, it has considerably reduced the number of visits of patient to the dentist. Depending on how much the infection has spread and few other factors which your dentist decides, mostly root canal treatment is done in single sitting itself, i.e in just one single appointment. However, if infection is more and other guarding factors are present, root canal procedure might be done in two or more visits.

3. Does it pains during the Root canal treatment procedure?

Local anesthesia is given to the patient before starting of any procedure. So, as the concerned area is numbed by anesthesia it does not hurt during the procedure at all.

4. Does it pain after RCT is done?

It might hurt a little bit after the procedure. This mainly because your body is fighting against the infection and also coping to adjust with the new foreign material with which the tooth is filled. However with the prescribed medication the discomfort is very negligible or often not their at all.

5. Care to be taken after RCT?

The most important post root canal treatment care is not to chew from that side and to completely avoid hard food materials. And to get your crowns done rite away.