A healthy gum is outmost important to keep the teeth firmly strong in your mouth. These gums acts as a strong collar around the tooth to keep them in one place. If the gums get infected or diseased the chance of loosing the concerned teeth drastically increases. Maintaing a good gum health is outmost important.

Reasons for gums to get Infected:-

1. Poor oral hygiene.
2. Higher amount of debris collecting around the tooth over the gums
3. Infection in any particular tooth
4. Irregular forces acting on teeth and hence affecting gum health
5. Some medication do affect the gums
6. Multiple interrelated factors.

Effects of Infected Gums (Periodontium) on teeth

1. Gums will reced down, leaving the tooth exposed in the oral cavity
2. Loosing of the teeth
3. Migration of the teeth
4. Ultimately teeth falling off.

So, call us and book your appoinbtment for getting that stains and debris deposited on and around tooth surface to be cleaned and to maintain a good healthy gums.