Full Mouth Rehabilitation

At Dr. Bhede’s dental clinic, we personally serves full mouth rehabilitation and reconstruction treatment plans to deliver exceptional smile transformations for the smiles affected by worn, broken, missing teeth, decay, and infection; improper bite due to misaligned teeth; gum problems; or other severe dental challenges.

Full Mouth Restoration

The patient, who has multiple dental problems associated with age, medical conditions, and congenital dental problems, require extensive dental care to improve their dental condition. Full mouth rehabilitation benefits such patients for reconstruction.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

There is a solution for every dental case overcoming numerous dental barriers through full mouth rehabilitation. The procedure offers maximum results in a shorter duration. It is a comprehensive approach for the improvement of dental health with the help of our experienced dentist. This would be the ideal way to obtain the healthy, functional, and beautiful smile the patient always wanted.

Some of the benefits of full mouth reconstruction are:
  • Some of the medical conditions like neck, shoulder or back pain might be the symptom associated with dental condition can be resolved by FMR
  • Improper bite cause wearing of chewing surface of tooth results in severe dental condition can be corrected with FMR.
  • By employing the correct combination of restorative and cosmetic dental techniques with the latest dental technology, our dentist skillfully rebuilds, improve and enhance your smile.

Benefits Of Full Mouth Reconstruction

  • Reconstruction of worn dentition in old age patient.
  • Full mouth reconstruction with dental implant.
  • FMR help to treat conditions like a headache or migraines caused due to improper bite.
  • Some dental conditions such as bruxism, clenching of teeth treated with an apparatus called NTI-TSS.
  • Temperomandibular dysfunction (TMD).