Like it is said “ Your first impression last forever” so what better way can be to cast an impression with a beautiful confident smile. It is truly said smile and u own the world. Now imagine if that missing tooth which is making you hide your smile, that can be replaced with a quickly natural one. And this can get back your high spirit with quickly assured beautiful smile and not only that it would restore the function of tooth as well.

So, there are several ways to give you back your confident smile. And if your back teeth are missing then the function. Dental implants are no more newer in dentistry world. They are there since 15/20 years now. But still to some patients it’s a totally new treatment modality. The Dental implants consist of a titanium screw i.e implant which is placed inside the patients jaw bone and an extension of it known as abutment comes over the gums on which crown and bridge prosthesis is placed.

These implants gets completely fused with the bone becoming one with it. Thus it acts as replacement of the roots of tooth and behaves as single unit. The post which projects from it acts as crown part of the tooth on which the crowns are cemented.

Advantages of Dental Implants

1. In bridge, the adjacent teeth to missing tooth space are used to take support i.e they act as pillars. However, these adjacent teeth remains untouched in implants.

2. Acts as a single unit.

3. It stays for long term.

4. Bone does not recede around it.

5. Even if other adjacent teeth fail over period of time. These Implant can be used for future for other modalities.

6. Gives a completely natural appearance

Number of Implants Required?

1. It totally depends on the number of missing teeth or the amount of space present in the jaw.

2. For a single missing teeth a single Implant will Suffices

3. For multiple teeth, there are options which your dentist will decide depending on the span of missing teeth and haw bones quality. So, plan your visit soon to get your doubts cleared.

If all the teeth are missing, what is the best option available?

With all teeth missing there is option of getting complete denture done, but with a enormous disadvantages associated with it. Implants are best to be considered. With Implants, there is option of getting all fixed teeth in both the jaw. One can actually get the experience of permanent fix perfectly looking natural teeth. However, its on your dentist to decide the exact treatment plan.