Crowns is a complete coverage caps which are given on the tooth or teeth depending on the necessities. Crown is must in case of root canal treated teeth or any other teeth on which restoration /feelings cannot be done.

Bridge is nothing but two or more crowns joined together to replace a missing teeth. In such cases, support of adjacent teeth is taken to construct a bridge. The number of units depends on the amount of missing space.

Why crowns are essential?

It is nothing but a complete covering cap given on the tooth depending on the need. Crowns provides strength to the already destructed tooth and completely replaces the lost tooth structure . Crown is essential especially after Root Canal treatment, to support the filling which is done inside the tooth after completing RCT.

Most commonly the root canal treated teeth fracture if crown is not given as it cannot withstand the forces which is exerted on the teeth during chewing or the fillings fractures due to the heavy chewing forces which then results in reinfection of the tooth or complete loss of tooth.

Metal crowns vs PFM crowns

Both the crowns are good. It completely depends on the dentist and patient discussion about the need of the situation.

Recent/Newer options for full coverage restoration:-

1. Zirconia:- One of the mlst recent options for full coverage restoration are the zirconia crowns. These are White metal crowns which have high strength and fracture resistance and hence the chance of crown getting fracture is negligible. Also the color of these a crowns are same as that of natural teeth. So, it is completely esthetic and 100% biocompatible. They are highly recommended in areas where more forces are present i.e posterior or back teeth region. But can also be given in the anterior teeth. The durability is definitely improved when compared to other ancient crown options.

2. Emax Crowns:-Emax is brand name for material Lithium Di-Silicate. They go by other brand names also. These are all ceramic crowns with no trace of metal. And are very close in resemblance to our natural tooth. This all ceramic crowns bond with the teeth chemically and hence becomes one with natural tooth structure. They are most aesthetic and durable crowns. Also the teeth preparation required for these crowns is minimal and hence is very conservative. This material is also used for Ceramic Laminates and Veneers, cases which require high aesthetic.


1. How long does a crown last?
Well it depend on the choice of material and patients personal oral hygiene care.

2. Number of visits required?
Usually 2 to 3 visits are required .

Your new crown or bridge will last with you for a good period of time, providing you with a winning smile and gigantic confidence boost.