Child Dentistry

Human beings have two sets of dentition, deciduous teeth (milk teeth) and permanent teeth. Child dental care should start right from the first tooth appearing in the oral cavity. However it is very unfortunate that the child dental care remains highly neglected .

1. One reason is the misleading concept that the milk teeth are not so important and are going to fall after some years.

2. Second common reason is that mostly children cannot much express pain during intial days unless it results in something drastic as sudden appearance swelling in or outside the oral cavity.

3. Also fear of dentist is another major issue.

So, parents need to understand and be conscious of what a child dental care means. Children of age group 1-12 years comes under the category of Child Dental Care ( Peadieatric Dentistry)

CARIES in children is very common. This can result from any known reasons like consumption of more sweeting agents and improper cleaning. In todays world child are very likely to be exposed to all sorts of sweets and junk food and it becomes difficult foe parents to keep them away. So, being a responsible parent what one can do, is one should plan for a regular dental checkup for your child as early as when first teeth appears in the infant and do a very regular follow up visit.

• Reason why these regular dental checkups are important is too make sure no caries or decay has started in the child’s mouth and also if if it has it gets timely restored before it spreads inside.

• Also children gets use to the dental clinic environment and gets friendly with the fellow dentist, which further resultd in building trust of children on dentist for life time.

Treatment options available for Children:-
1. Restoration
2. Pulpotomy
3. Pulpectomy
4. Extraction
5. Space maintainar
6. Habit breaking appliance
7. Crowns